NY EDTECH WEEK approaches sponsorships with a problem solving attitude. 

How can we assist your company in achieving its innovation and brand-related goals?

NY EDTECH WEEK is the place to connect with investors across the board, innovators making real impact on education, and policy makers, researchers, educators and students influencing the future of learning. 


For sponsorship inquiries, email ash@startedaccelerator.com

Top-Level Sponsorship: 
A great way to stay relevant or introduce your brand to the edtech industry. 

Media/Content Partnership: 
Leverage a platform for thought leadership or distribute your content via our channels leading up to the festival.

Specialized Sponsorships: 
Tie your brand to a topic or have us create a specialized event in conjunction with the festival.

Exclusive Sponsorships: 
Be the only provider in your category hosting your target audience at NYU or around New York City.


Past Sponsors:


For sponsorship inquiries, email ash@startedaccelerator.com

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